Saturday, 12 September 2009


here billys first day, he loved it and cant wait for monday , i was very upset seeing him go, but told me "i'm big now mummy" so go home and come get me when ,its bedtime lol.
huggs jo x


Anesha said...

What a lovely photo. Glad he is enjoying school. ANesha :-)

Linda Elbourne said...

How smart does Billy look ... you must be so proud ... glad he had a good day X

sam said...

awww i love first day at school pictures,how cute and proud does he look,he he,i must have taken a million of the boo,who insisted on pulling stupid faces in all but one,lovely,lol,but made me laugh.

laney said...

Ah Jo how sweet is he!!!
all grown up and off to school
Bless........hes a little smasher and its so good when they are enjoying it

CarolineH1972 said...

ahhh he looks sooooooo cute but so smart and grown up - doesn't seem 2 minutes since he started nursery bless him!

Caroline x

debby4000 said...

Oh he looks so cute .

Andrea, said...

Oh Billy looks so grown up Jo, I'm glad he enjoyed his first day at school

Loopylou!! said...

oh bless him, billy you look fab hunny, i hope school is lots of fun xxx and jo, oh boy do i know what you mean about letting them go, it is soooo hard!