Saturday, 8 March 2008

swap list update

hello all,
thank you once again for joining in.

i'm updating it as a few more have joined in ( thank you).

swap list

maureen - me
nessy - lesley
jo- heather
richelle- gia
angie- linda B ( NEED YOUR ADDY)
sheila- jennifer
karen - me
debi - elyssa
lind e -me
well there you go.yes i m doing 3 as at the time of doing first list we had odd numbers ,i dont mind at all as i wanted every to join in and feel ,that they could ,and did not want to leave any one out.
i have tryed my best to keep you all informed , sorry if at times you feel if ive nagged you all about it.(sorry).
well now the fun begains, i hope we can all do more things like this .
also plzzzzzzzzz can i have birthday's just date and mth not yr, we have a few sis son, so i want to get list sent out,
huggs your very fairy mad sis lol

Friday, 7 March 2008

the card swap

ok ladies by now ive emailed you all ,( need a rest now) lol.
the swap details, a few have asked what type of card? its up to you ladies( i'm sure your swap will love it).
if any of you have problem plz email me i dont bite lol.
also can you send you birthday date ( not yr) lol. for the birthday list.
can i just say thank you too all of you for your kind words and help.
huggs jo x


thank -you to all of you how joined in the card swap.
ok here is the list of name's

me- mauren
angie- lindaB
shelia- jennifer
me- karen
elyssa -debi
there you go ladies you each have your swappies name and they will be the ones sending cards to you.
i will email you all now with addy and emails of your swap's.
i will be sending thank you cards to you all in there will be a little gift,also addys for your sis's
any problem's just shout you will all have my email addy if you need me.
i just thought as we are a group of sis we could have fun with this.
also, can you plz send birthday date only date no yr lol. just so if, we wish to send you a card.
a very big thank -you all off toemal you all now lol.

you all make my day

ohhhhhhh i was given this award by nessy sorry hun, with sorting out the cardswap , i for got. it such a lovely thing to do, all my friends on here and my SBSsis make my day ,

my 5 friends to award are .


pass it on ladies, make some one's day.

is there any one else?

just thought i would ask, , will put list up in an 2 hours, i hope yo have fun doing it huggs jo, only 13 of us doing it. huggs jo x

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


ok all here is how the swap will work......
its just one card we send . if you leave a comment on my blog , it has to be moderated, so one i see i can get you details and edit it so no one can see it

all i need is you email addy
plus your home addy.
for all who join in i will send you all a thank -you card plus somethink else shhhhh lol.
so leave this open till 10pm uk time when i will close list,
i just think its a great way to get to know one another and all so fun.
cant wait to hear from my crafty sister's
huggs B.F.N



well post came and i was real shocked,my order came yippie.
it was from craft paper card. a brill on line shop. they are very low in price. the lady on phone was so nice and helpful.
i just wanted to tell all my crafy friends

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


if want my email addy so we can do a list or if one you want to set up card swap up. let me know huggs jo x

Monday, 3 March 2008


hello all,

well ive been on your blogs and have to say love them all.what great sisters i have, ok now i'm gonna ask this but plz dont feel bad if you dont want to,how about we send 1 on our SBS -13 a card.

i'm game if you all are then we could put it on our blogs? just thought it might be nice.

huggs for now your your fairy mad sis

by the way hes my hunk ( from back street boys)


i've been tagged by nessy (nessy notes)

1/ what were you doing 10 years ago???
well i was busy with the 2 big ones and working in a kitchen.

2/what were you doing a year ago?
we were at birmingham children's anthony had just had another shunt fitted.

3/name your 5 favourate snacks?

raw red pepper
red apple
mars bar

4/name 5 things you would do if you were millionaire?
buy a home buy devon coast
buy a craft shop
buy new car
buy a sweet shop lol
go on hols to some were hot with friends and family
name 5 things i like doing
watching a good movie
in garden with family
taling to friends online

name 5 things you will never wear again
a size A bra lol
a dress
rara skirt lol
shell suit
wedding dress

7/name our 5 fav things?
xbox 360
printer lol

now need to tagg 5 other people?
oh 5 of my SBS 13 sisthers
who are
good luck all , i will be looking at you blog's

big huggs sis's jo xxx

ive been playing

i had play yesterday, i found this idea on a sbs13 blog and also went to see were she found if from, there is a link on my page to them. i hoe you like what i did .

Sunday, 2 March 2008

happy mother's day

well here is what i woke up too, well just some, i have a very great hubby who got me loads of crafty bits in the week that ive been playing with. here are the cards the kids made , the first cards is billy's(hes 2yrs).
the middle one is one anthony(11yrs) made me at school on the pc. anthony has learning problems so i was very shocked by this. but love it
the last is my little fairy lol amy (10ys) as you can see amy makes cards, and is always in my crafty bits .
they got me some choc' and a new fairy mug ,and a new fairy lol.
so now you all know i'm realy fairy mad lol.