Friday, 25 April 2008


well when the post man came , i was so shocked. well lynn
sent all these stunning images, ohhhh there so stunning and lots ive not seen.
look at the stunning card, its just soo stunning, ive not tryed stamping with 2 colours yet. i'm just not that brave lol.
maybe lynn might be able to give me a few tips. thank you, its like xmas.
well somethink is on its way too you :) ,just to say thank you, it was sooo kind. jo x


Jo said...

Lucky you! Have fun with them :) Great card from Lynn.

nessy said...

fab card from lynn!! and so many images , lucky you!! have fun with them
vanesssa xx

She said...

Lucky you, what great post :-) xx

Angie C said...

Ooh, these look lovely Jo - lucky you :-)

Richelle said...

Ohhh...lucky girl you are Jo!

Maureen said...

Gorgeous card and what a LOT of images to play with!!