Monday, 7 April 2008


well i just thought i would tell you all about my day. well ive ordered loads of things today lol. now the worst part waiting lmao.
dont you all hate that part lol. well all day i tied to make cards, first the phone does not stop, then my 2year old get hold of my gem's. you guess all over every were.
then i just start water colouring ,and i knock over the water everythink .
so today , noooooooooo cards , boohooo


Jo said...

Lucky you ordering lots of goodies. All I got today was a pair of jeans and a top from crafting stash because I'm trying to cut back and use what I've got :(

Vicki May said...

ooooo what a day, hope today goes better. And hope new goodies arrive soon hugs Vicki

Chrissy said...

Oh dear, one of them days :-( But, its always nice to order some crafting stash & it won't take long.....ChrissyX

Angie C said...

I guess we all have "those" sorts of days Jo. Lets hope today is better for you.

One day I dropped my bead tray/storage container on the floor - you can imagine all those little beads, took me hours to pick them up and I gave up sorting them


Alison said...

can't wait to see what you do with your new goodies when they arrive. I have days like that too Jo lol yesterday it was the PC.

Richelle said...

ohhhh....that is the HARDEST part...the waiting..seems life takes forever! lol

nessy said...

sorry to hear you have had a bad day -lets hope today is better ,then we can see your new cards!!
those goodies will be with you soon
vanessa xx