Monday, 14 April 2008


ive been tagged by debi thanks debi, for those who dont know her blog go have a look,great blog.
this tag its the 7 random facts. ummmmmmmmmm lets think?

1, i'm hooked on coke cola( has to be realy stuff)

2, i love boxing

3, i'm tracing my family tree

4,i'd love to go on ghost hunt

5, i'm writing a book about my son

6,i have too have matching pj's, if i get whole i one part , well throw both out.

7, hate my feet being touched,

now to tag lol



nessy said...

thnaks jo , will have to think about this one -long and hard!!
thanks for visiting my blog
vanessa xx

Jo said...

Thanks for the tag Jo. These things take a lot of thinking about so I've used the one I did a couple of weeks ago. Hope you don't mind!!

Vicki May said...

Hi Jo thanks for the tag. I've done this one before, so I've left a link to you, but I haven't passed it on. I don't know that many bloggers at the moment. Have a good day hugs Vicki x

CarolineH1972 said...

Hi Jo

Thanks lol, dont be too bored will you hehe couldn't think of anything interesting

Caroline x

nessy said...

well fairymad , i have now done it~ there are 7 uninteresting facts on my blog!!
vanessa xx