Friday, 7 March 2008


thank -you to all of you how joined in the card swap.
ok here is the list of name's

me- mauren
angie- lindaB
shelia- jennifer
me- karen
elyssa -debi
there you go ladies you each have your swappies name and they will be the ones sending cards to you.
i will email you all now with addy and emails of your swap's.
i will be sending thank you cards to you all in there will be a little gift,also addys for your sis's
any problem's just shout you will all have my email addy if you need me.
i just thought as we are a group of sis we could have fun with this.
also, can you plz send birthday date only date no yr lol. just so if, we wish to send you a card.
a very big thank -you all off toemal you all now lol.


ElyBlair said...

Sorry...I just got the email about this...I'm in! How do I send you my info?

nessy said...

hi jo -thankyou so much for arranging all this -you have put so much time into this.
i`m guessing, the swop is with each other -see i am sending a card to lesley -guess she sends to me?? is that right??
will send you my date of birth!!
vanessa xx
ps just woke and thought i had better get in touch while the computer is free!! LOL