Saturday, 8 March 2008

swap list update

hello all,
thank you once again for joining in.

i'm updating it as a few more have joined in ( thank you).

swap list

maureen - me
nessy - lesley
jo- heather
richelle- gia
angie- linda B ( NEED YOUR ADDY)
sheila- jennifer
karen - me
debi - elyssa
lind e -me
well there you go.yes i m doing 3 as at the time of doing first list we had odd numbers ,i dont mind at all as i wanted every to join in and feel ,that they could ,and did not want to leave any one out.
i have tryed my best to keep you all informed , sorry if at times you feel if ive nagged you all about it.(sorry).
well now the fun begains, i hope we can all do more things like this .
also plzzzzzzzzz can i have birthday's just date and mth not yr, we have a few sis son, so i want to get list sent out,
huggs your very fairy mad sis lol


nessy said...

thanks jo!! great job you are doing!!
love that fairy image!!!
vanessa xx

Angie C said...

Hi Jo,

My birthday is 9th September and I'll be ...... Yeah right ROFL

hugs angie

Angie C said...

Thank you Jo for arrnging the swap :-)

Jo said...

Thanks Jo for doing a great job. Have I let you know my birthday yet? If not, it's 05 June.

Kari said...

I am soo sorry that I missed out on this swap!!! The last week or so was just crazy!! I hope not to miss another one!!! From reading all the blogs!! This swap sounds like it turned out great!!!