Wednesday, 5 March 2008


ok all here is how the swap will work......
its just one card we send . if you leave a comment on my blog , it has to be moderated, so one i see i can get you details and edit it so no one can see it

all i need is you email addy
plus your home addy.
for all who join in i will send you all a thank -you card plus somethink else shhhhh lol.
so leave this open till 10pm uk time when i will close list,
i just think its a great way to get to know one another and all so fun.
cant wait to hear from my crafty sister's
huggs B.F.N



nessy said...

well , jo -how does this work????
we all send out e-mails /home addresses to you -then you send each of us some-ones details and then send a card!! fab idea!!!
maybe you could then send out a list to everyone all our addresses - so will not have to send info to everyone ourselves !!(does that make sense??)
for any future challenges/card sending -we will need everyones contacts!!
i`m in!!
vanessa xx

fairymadjo said...

come on ladies only 3 off us so far, yes going to send whole list so the next swap you will already have it . huggs jo x

fairymadjo said...

thank you too all who have posted,we have 9 of us out of 20? come on ladies left posts on your blogs ,its just a bit of fun, jo x

Debi said...

I have been trying to email and haven't had any luck. Yes, put me down for the swap. Thank you for the comment on my blog entry!