Monday, 3 March 2008


hello all,

well ive been on your blogs and have to say love them all.what great sisters i have, ok now i'm gonna ask this but plz dont feel bad if you dont want to,how about we send 1 on our SBS -13 a card.

i'm game if you all are then we could put it on our blogs? just thought it might be nice.

huggs for now your your fairy mad sis

by the way hes my hunk ( from back street boys)


Jennifer (jennifer-g on SCS) said...

good idea! we need a listing of everyone's snail and email addys too!

fairymadjo said...

i hope more will want to do it, huggs jo x

Queen Kat said...

I need addy's too.

I hope you have a great week!
Vicki SBS13

Gia Harvey said...

good idea Jo, maybe each person could send one other person a card. Like a secret santa but you know's sending it!

Richelle said...

great idea...I am totally in!!

nessy said...

sounds good idea jo - soawarding you a "you make my day" found on my blog!!
(and for being a great friend)
vanessa xx

Jo said...

Great idea Jo, although any chance of reducing the number of cards from 20 to something more manageable.....just have a severe lack of time at the moment but still willing to join in!! Let me know and I can send you my address :)

Lesley said...

Good idea!! xxx